Our customers talked and we listened! We had lots of requests from YJ and CJ-7 owners for a GR8TOPS half hardtop for their Jeeps and as a market-responsive company, GR8TOPS created a new half hardtop kit for 87-95 Jeep Wrangler YJs and 76-86 CJ-7s.

This hardtop is the best of both worlds. Still a hardtop to provide quietness and security but lightweight enough for one person to install and remove. One additional great feature of these tops is that they can be turned on end and can be carried through a normal sized door opening in your house, dorm, or apartment. No need to have a garage to store your hardtop!

Haul anything from the wet hunting dogs, wood, mulch, toolboxes, or custom equipment boxes in the back of your new bed!

The YJ/CJ-7 version offers the same cool GR8TOPS styling cues and features as our other tops:

  • Five raised ribs in the roof to provide an aggressive style while providing structural integrity.
  • Integrated mounting location for the optional LED 3rd brake light.
  • Custom-engineered bulkheads specific to either a YJ or CJ-7 that allows for the most in cab floor space.
  • A rear sliding window for easy access to the bed of the Jeep.

Note: These tops are not designed to work with factory soft upper doors that have the square rear corner. If you have soft upper doors with rounded corners, you may need to replace them with a different brand or convert to hard upper doors.

No seat legroom is sacrificed with this halftop configuration. With the bulkhead and hardtop installed, the seats can slide all the way back on the sliders. This assumes the use of factory seats using factory seat brackets. Aftermarket seats or seat brackets may or may not provide as much in cabin room. If the half hardtop is removed, you can still reinstall the OEM soft top or the OEM hardtop easily without any further modifications to the half hardtop or removal of the bulkhead.

These tops will also fit the Aqualu aluminum replacement CJ-7, CJ-8, bobbed CJ-8, and the short cab bodies.


This hardtop requires removal and modification of your existing factory rollbar or replacing with a new main cage hoop. Unlike the TJ/LJ version of the half hardtop, this half hardtop WILL NOT fit over the front section of the factory YJ cage even if the two rear bars are cut and removed. The main hoop of the YJ factory sport cage “reclines” or leans further rearward than a TJ/LJ and is taller than the windshield frame. Because of this, the factory cage needs to be completely removed and modified or a new main hoop fabricated and put into place.

Any modification of your factory rollbar alters the integrity of your factory rollcage. We strongly recommend purchasing an aftermarket bolt in cage kit for the front part of the factory cage.  The two side stringer bars from the windshield to the rollbar need to be shortened and reattached to the new main cage hoop. Additionally, we recommend installing a rollcage kit in the rear of the bed of the Jeep similar to the ones shown in some of the pictures on this site for additional structural integrity.

This kit requires cutting the factory sport cage. When altering the factory sport cage, you are altering the original safety characteristics of the vehicle. Owner assumes all risks associated with altering the vehicle in order to install this kit and shows consent by purchasing this kit.

The top has tension adjustment latches similar to the factory hardtop and soft top on the front inside of the top. The rear ledge fastens to the bulkhead and the body rail using standard bolts and washers.

This hardtop kit consists of two pieces: the hardtop itself and the lower bulkhead panel. The lower bulkhead panel (shown above) should be installed using the provided hardware and use of an optional body seam sealer (Not Included) is also recommended. It is also recommended that you have a protective bed liner applied to the rear bed of the Jeep after the installation of the bulkhead to ensure that the lower bulkhead is completely sealed and to protect the newly exposed sheet metal in the rear of the Jeep.

Black Textured Gel Coat $285
LED 3rd brake light $45



This item is oversized and shipped by one of our preferred LTL truck freight carriers.  Business address delivery is preferred but not required.  Residential Delivery available for additional $75 charge.  Customers may also pickup at nearest local LTL Carrier that we use. Orders may be picked up at our location but will incur the local 7% South Carolina Sales tax. When selecting this item in your shopping cart, you MUST select “truck freight” shipping type for the correct shipping amount to be calculated. If this is not selected, your order will be revised and emailed back to you for correct total amount approval before charge and shipment is sent.


GR8TOPS can perform full installations and conversions in our shop in Lexington, SC. We also have our own spray on bedliner system to completely seal and protect the rear (or the full interior) of your Jeep after we install your GR8TOPS half hardtop kit. Please see our Installation page for more details and approximate pricing. Installations are by appointment only and normally can be completed in 1-2 business days depending on the options requested.