Paint-able seam sealer leaves a factory-like finish that won’t harden or sag .     We recommend using this type of urethane based body seam sealer to completely seal your GR8TOPS bulkhead to the wheel wells and floor of your Jeep.     If a spray in bed liner is being installed after your GR8TOPS install, this is the perfect material to seal up the joint between the fiberglass bulkhead, the floor and wheel wells.      Urethane spray in bed liners will properly adhere to this seam sealer.

  • Stays flexible; won’t crack
  • Waterproofs and insulates
  • For firewalls, floor pans, trunk seams, fender extensions, taillight openings
  • Applies easily with your standard caulking gun
  • generally 1 tube is sufficient for 1 GR8TOPS installation.